Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Priya Sakhi

Anyone would fall in love with such a beauty! I fathom myself, as "The Man" whom she also loves, and I would like to describe her, as "My Priya Sakhi."

My Priya Sakhi...
Today, I am elited
To see you sitting on the banks,
To see you searching for me,
To see you getting restless and
To see you waiting for me.
Let me describe you, in my own sweet words,
You are My Goddess, You are My love.

The darkness that envelopes the sky,
Is nothing but your long strands of hair,
The moon ,who boasts of her beauty,
Today, is in utter despair!

Oh my Dainty Darling!
When I see your little forehead,
Shining with a starry Bindi,
I am tempted to adorne it with Sindoor,
In the deep colour Red.

The dark black eyebrows,
and the battling eyelashes,
bringout your passionate eyes,
lashes me with love and passion,
And I have no choice of words,
To show my love and compassion.

Now that, I am almost here,
Your lovely golden cheeks,
blush into the colour of apples,
your lustrous lips, open into smile,
Remind me of tender pink rose petals.

I envy those lovely necklaces,
That dangle around your slender neck,
And the jewellery made of rubies and pearls,
Are lucky to be on your ears.
You look like an Heavenly Angel,
Born in the world the stars,
Two brave kings should see you now,
Hehe,they would be waging wars!

As I walk closer to you,I am captured by your womanhood,
You turn away from me, giving a subtle smile.
I choose to hold your lovely hands,
And very soon, I know, they are going to be mine.
As I try to hold you tight, very close to me,
The soft and cold wind blows,
I see your golden anklets,
I can hear them chime,
My Goddess , My love,My Priya Sakhi,
I am Waiting for you to be Mine!