Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Reason to Live... A Repost from Sulekha

"The Abode of Love" was a home for old parents abandoned by their children. Some were ruthlessly abandoned, some were left there because the children worked outside the state or country,and , some for no reason at all. It was a small home and almost nearly 20 couples. Nalini the founder, was a middle- aged woman, widowed at a very young age. She did not have children. She took very good care of these couples. Everybody addressed her as their own child, a God sent angel for them. Why did she start a home?
The story dates back like this...Nalini used to go the Ganesh temple everyday without fail. Exactly one year back, on a bright Sunday morning, she was getting back home after her prayers, when..
"Amma! Amma! take pity on us! Its been three days since we ate..." cried Ragini, an old woman, Her husband Ramani was sitting under a tree, unable to get up. Nalini, first went to the Prasada stall, and bought some Prasada. They ate it in a rush, Hunger was killing them. Once satisfied, they thanked Nalini.
"Why are you here? Where is your home?" Nalini asked."My son brought us to this temple. He gave us a 50 rupee note and asked us to sit here. We have been waiting for for the past whole week. I know, he has left us for good .""Why? That's terrible! Will you come with me?" Nalini asked.This is how she started the home. She was all alone, and thought that this would be a right way to fight her loneliness. She advertised in the local news papers . Some couples came in at their will , while some were forced to come here. She took care of these people, their food, medicines and everything for a minor amount that was paid on an annual basis, and this she did only from those who could afford. The rest , she took care. She had a couple of sponsors , who were ready to help ,when needed.
Today , " Abode of Love " seemed to be very busy. Yes, a few young college girls were coming to entertain them. Nalini, used to organise such entertainments once in a month so that these old people felt good. Everybody woke up early. They finished their daily chores. Every couple was given a task to complete. If one would cut vegetables, the other would start to cook. One would go to pay the bills and another to the market. All the chores were performed in turns, so that, they enjoyed what they did. Everyday, they had a reason to live. National Events, Birthdays and Anniversaries was celebrated. Nalini would find a simple reason, but a beautiful one, daily, to keep them happy. And today, it was a group of 15 young girls from the near by girl's college .The young girls came in. They introduced themselves to everybody. There was singing, games and loads of fun.
Once the first set of entertainment was done, Vishaka, one of the college girls , said that the girls would love to cook for everybody.
"Do you girls know to cook?" Ramana , an old man chukled.
"Oh keep quiet. Young girls need to learn to cook.Their classes start today!" Kamini ,another old lady said."All right the girls screamed!"They took turns. 5 girls and one paty would go and cook sambhar, then another group would cook some rasam, then curries.. and so on. It had taken almost 3 solid hours for them to come up with the food. All the grandpas, had become restless and hungry. Nalini tried to keep them calm. Food was served. The girls also looked hungry. They sat in a huge big cirlce and Nalini and Vishaka first served.
"Not bad, girls!!! The food is nice.. It is better than the food that the old ladies cook here!" Ramana screamed.Everybody laughed loudly. The old patties showed faces to Ramana, and asked him to be careful because, he had to eat their food everyday. They joked, chatted and ate. It was time for a nap. The girls helped everybody with their beds. Some spoke to the girls about their children. The girls gave them words of comfort. Vishaka sat next to Sumathy and Rangan. Sumathy was very very happy. Rangan too. It was Sumathy's birthday.
"Vishaka, will my son come today evening? I want to talk to him. I feel like seeing him"
"Yes, he will. I will call him , and ask him to come. Now you take your nap." Vishaka said.
"Thats what he said last year too. But he did not come on that day, and not after that. He does not want me anymore.' she weeped.
"Ssshh Sumathy paty, I will see that he comes today. Okay? He loves you."
"Hmm if he loves, he would have not let us here child. You will not understand, child,.. you are too young. Everyday, we live, thinking that he would come, his wife would accompany him. It has been three years since we saw our grandchildren. The joys of playing with them, telling them stories in the moonlight, putting them to sleep,are somethings that we think of, to keep us alive." Sumathy said.
"I will talk to your son. I promise you to bring him here by dusk Okay?"
"Vishaka, do you know to dance?""Oh yes, of course.""I want to see your dance in the evening. I was a dancer , when I was young."
Every old couple had a sad story behind them. May be, a handful were happy. Their children came often, spent time with them, got them all they needed . There was an yearning for love, to be be cared for, in the eyes of others. The girls felt happy to be there today. They told Nalini that they would come often. They enjoyed the company of these old people, loved to see their happy faces.Vishaka asked Nalini for Sumathy's son's number. She spoke to him. He was a curt fellow, dancing to the tunes of his senseless wife. He said he would try to come. Vishaka begged him to come that day, because Sumathy was very emotional."
"That lady is always like that. You need not tell me."saying so he hung up.
The girls and Nalini, got things ready for the evening. Vishaka organised a surprise party for Sumathy. There was more entertainment in the evening. Vishaka was also ready with her dance show. Everybody sat together.Vishaka performed her best in the show. She was a good Bharathnatyam dancer and had performed at many shows. But today, she danced happily for Sumathy, and she enjoyed doing so. Sumathy was thrilled to see this girl dance so gracefully.
"I loved it dear.I could see myself dancing in those days." Sumathy kissed Vishaka's forehead.Then there was this surprise party for Sumathy! Everybody wished her many more years to come...
"Vishaka, see, I told you, he did not come."
"He will come paty... he will come I spoke to him. He is kind of busy."
It was already night. The girls got ready to leave. Their bus arrived. The old blessed every child. They had a lovely day. Tomorrow was movie day. Nalini had brought the latest Tamil movie for them. Every one spoke about it enthusiastically. The bus came, the girls left. Sumathy was already asleep. Rangan was also asleep.
Her son Suresh , came, the next morning, but what a pity, he came to see his parents travelling their next journey - Death. Sumathy and Rangan, had breathed their last , the night before. They lived together, fought life's battles together, were sent out of to their home together, and died together...Suresh was shaken.
His four year old son asked, "Appa, do I have to leave you and amma here when you are old? No I will miss you, and you will miss me ,he said tearfully"
Guilt panged Suresh's and his wife's heart.The old couple had a reason to live everyday, but was not fulfilled until their last....Sumathy had a letter for Vishaka... maybe Sumathy knew it was her last day...?"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neriedes- The Cosmic, Heavenly Beauty( A repost from Sulekha)

Nymphs were female mystical spirits who were responsible to craft the Natural World. Nereides, was the daughter of Nereus the Sea-God. The highest praise for a woman, would be comparing her to "Nereides." I have tried to combine Alliterations and Metaphors, and finally have tried to bring out the essence of Cosmic ,Heavenly Goddess Nereides! I have also included the names of Stars, Hindu Goddesses , to make the poem a delightful read!! Hope you all enjoy it!!!!!

Charming Cosmic Creation,
Magical, Mythical, Marvellous,
Floric, Fragile, and Feminine,
Graceful, Glorious, and Gorgeous,
Nereides- The Heavenly Beauty!!

Blissful, Bountiful and Benevolent,
Hopeful, Happy and Heavenly,
Jubilant, Joyous, and a Jolly Jewel,
Elegant, Enchanting and Endearing
Nereides- The Heavenly Beauty!!

Spiritual, Supernatural and Subtle,
Alluring, Attractive, and Angleic,
Delightful, Delicate, and Divine,
Ravishing, Radiating and Rare,
Nereides, The Heavenly Beauty!!!!

Ashwini, Arundhati , Anuradha,
Shravani, Swathi and Suha,
Vega, Vespera and Vishaka,
Ulloriaq, Utthara and Ubhadra,
Nereides, The Cosmic Goddess!!!

Shakti, Uma, and Usha,
Prithvi, Bhooma and Durga,
Parvati, Sita, and Ganga,
Padma, Surabhi and Indira
Nereides - The Heavenly Goddess!!!
Cosmos, Universe, and the Milky Way,
The Sun , The Moon and The Planets,
The Stars, The Comets and the Meteroites,
Sky, Air, Wind, Fire, and Water,
Nereides, The Cosmic Goddess!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Life ( A repost of mine .. from Sulekha)

Life Is

A bundle of Dreams and Passions

Comes with it are Joys and Sorrows

Lets open it with utmost care

And face life's reality.

Life Is

A never ending Journey

The road to it has twists and turns

Lets drive through it carefully

Following Rules of Safety.

Life Is

like the changing seasons

Flowers bloom, leaves wither

Lets adapt to change

for Change is the law of Nature.

Life Is

like the vast Ocean

It is calm and ferocious

Lets swim across it

Amidst the Tides of Hope.

Life Is

like the gushing Wind

Blowing soft or very harsh

Lets beat through it

with all our might.

Everyday we see

The Rays of the Morning Sun

Everyday we hear

The Sounds of the Cute Cuckoos

Everyday we feel

The magic of the Twilight

Everyday we enjoy

The Serene Moonlight

The swaying trees

The rustling leaves

The morning dew

The monsoon rains

The colourful Rainbow

Fill our hearts

With Joy and Hope.

Enjoy Nature's Eternal Beauty

Lead a life filled with Hope

Experience Eternal Bliss


Celebrate Life.

(author unkown)
If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.

William Arthur Ward
The morning of life is like the dawn of a day, full of purity, visions, and harmony. -


Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ape's Day Out!

Laloo the ape, was reading the book on"ORIGIN OF MAN". "Interesting! " he thought. As he read , he learned man evolved from apes and there were many stages of primitive man, - Australo Pethecus, Zinjanthropus, Pethecan Thropus Erectus, Neandrathal Man, Cro-Magnon Man,and Homo-Sapiens finally!

"Oh! My God! " Lallo gaped! Laloo was getting curious of how primitve man developed and has done so much in the world today. Thousands of inventions, discoveries, luxuries like cars, SUVs, palatial bunglows, Tall sky-scrapers, Theatres, Malls, umptous food ! and so much more...".I want to be a man!"

Laloo gaped..."Why not I live in a man's world today? After all he evolved from me!" All set for his tour to live in Man's World, he told his wife Jiloo that he would be back home the next morning...

Where shall I start with?? It's so confusing.... there are 7 continents, for me to visit, across 5 major oceans. Phew ! this is going to be hard!

Laloo decided to start with Europe... He sat on his "Jet Speed Jetta" that switched from one branch to another in real jet speed and was in Europe .To start with Italy, he was amazed of it's beauty! He stood in awe as he watched the tall churches, buildings carved beautifully and of course Nature was in full zest and she looked amazingly beautiful. He tried an Italian Pizza with all veggies and spicy sauses. His eyes were in tears!!! He missed Jiloo's blueberry cake and Banana Milk Shake!

Jet Speed Jetta landed next on USA. He learned that it was the Home of Technology and was the happening place. If early man rubbed two stones to make fire, people now typed "Google Search" and typed-"How to make fire" and received a thousand answers in a split of a second! Laloo laughed "Man forgot to think". He saw many good things here and at the same time horrible things. Child Abuse, Shooting,Racial discrimination sometimes, Wars, Good economy and Slumping Economy, driving technologists crazy...!hehe. He looked for houses here and found a lot! Liloo thought maybe Jiloo would like it here!

Next land was in Africa. Laloo was shocked! His children looked healthier than the children here. Malnutrition beacuse of food scarcity, little or no water. Laloo was bewildered to see the other side of the world. Why is that one part of the world is rich, while these countries of the world are still backward?? Laloo thought! He did not want to see the pathetic conditions there. He rushed. His heart was heavy. Laloo ate a Banana Muffin that Jiloo had packed! He shared a few with the children he saw. "Is man selfish?" was a question pondering his mind.

India was Laloo's next destination. One of the most ancient countries, which was rich in ancient times, today seems to be a cat on the wall! The urban life was very fun, but still she faced Hunger, Poverty, Diseases. The rich remained rich, the poor remained poor, the middle class suffered! Laloo could see a lot of stray dogs, cows eating papers, Rats running everywhere. Enivironmental conditions for animals to thrive, very poor.

Laloo went round the world. He enjoyed the journey. He saw both the sides of the coin- Man. Man developed very well. Money, Power, Luxury , were flourshing, but he noticed that Basic Human values, Love , Respect ,Trust and Faith in the world has very less value. Terrorism, War, Abuse, Hunger, Poverty were some of the devils ruling Mankind.He does not know his Needs and Neccesities! Man is now less kind to Animals. The air is polluted, water is polluted, very less land left for animals to thrive.

He felt blessed to be an Ape and he went back to his Ever Green Forest. He swang from branch to branch happily! He smelled fresh air ! The flowers spread beautiful scent! The trees gave him shelter, shade and fruits to eat! Jiloo had cooked his favourites, he ate and closed his eyes to have a deep sleep.

"It's hard to live a life of man," he thought. Suddenly he started laughing aloud and Jiloo asked him the reason why he laughed."Jiloo, I just thought how man would look if he had to swing from one branch to anotherfor everything! Just like us!""hahahahah" Jiloo joined to laugh!



(A repost of mine, from Sulekha)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Wory Darling!!!! A Short Story...


Mr and Mrs. Natrajan were dwelling in the busy streets of Triplicane, Chennai. Vel, Shanmugam and Vetri were their 3 cute sons. Both of them worked to fight the ever hiked cost of living. Both of them earned exactly to fulfill the basic necessities of life- food, clothing, shelter. Inspite of the fact that they were living a basic middle class life, Vel and Shanmugam went to the best schools and Vetri, being the youngest went to the day care. Everyday was a busy one for Sowmya and life was becoming monotonous.

A Scenario every morning: The sun rose and the alarm clock went PING!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Sowmya jumped out of her bed. Quickly she brushed washed her face and rushed to the kitchen. On one and Sowmya was making her cup of coffee and ...

"Vel! Shanmuga! why don't you boys get up! You guys are going to be late for school!",Sowmya yelled.

The boys lazily woke up and went ahead of the their daily morning chores.

"Amma I want Idly for breakfast and Noodles for lunch." said Vel as he was drinking his Complan.

"I am a Complan boy! Me too same as Anna." giggled Shanmugam.

Both the boys were old enough to get ready for their school . They had their breakfast and the bus arrived and were off to school.

"Vetri dear get up, I need to get you ready. Raj can you help Vetri brush his teeth?" asked Sowmya.
No , I have to get going quick today." flashed an answer from Raj.

"Raj your breakfast."

"Sowmy, I don't want Idlys every morning, make me some dosas please.. and I prefer Chapattis for lunch ."grumbled Raj.

"How do you expect me to do everything all by myself right from the morning! I am not running a hotel! This is what you get today. I am sorry."

Quickly she packed her lunch, Vetri's lunch and Raj's bag. She rushed to pull out a saree, wore it real quick. Off they where to their work places. Sowmya's job was to drop Vetri at the day care and Raj would pick him at evening.

"Vaa !Vaa Vooooommm" went Sowmya's Scooty she dropped Vetri and then rode to her office. This was the routine every morning and it was always a hustle bustle. Sowmya was inavariably late by 5-15 minutes,how much ever hard she tried. and her boss would be real mad at her!

At the Office:"Mrs Sowmya, I am sorry to say, one more day you are late you will have to face the consequences. Everybody has a family and a job to do. You need to be punctual."roared her boss.

"Er..... I am sorry.. it's just.."

"Enough is enough please get back to your seat."

Sowmya's faces flushed in shame and she wanted to throw her resignation papers on his face. It was too much. She had no time for anything. She had to run the show, inspite of the fact that the kids were getting neglected. Their grades were going bad, Vetri was unable to cope with his health, and Raj was of almost no help to her at all. He was so involved with his work that sometimes he would forget to pick up Vetri and Sowmya had to take 30min permission and ofcourse, her boss would bark at her. Days passed, months passed, it was the same, cook, work, get back from her work, cook, clean, HW! .

One Monday Morning: The same scenario of getting up , getting ready continued. As she started her bike, Sowmya , felt dizzy. She could see stars above her head , and she fell on the ground. Vetri was all crying and people gathered by. Raj was also just leaving, and when he saw her on the floor rushed, her to the hospital.

"Congrats !" said the doctor. "You are going to have a baby!" he said.

Raj was bewildered.He did not know what to say. Amidst all this confusion, everyday, one more baby! His head was spinning. Sowmya was shocked too. In a way relieved. She could resign right away. But the thought of another baby and life from then was overwhelming. Both of them took the day's off to discuss.

"Dear, do you think we should have this baby?" asked Natraj and he wa sreally concerned.

"Frankly speaking Raj, it is not a good idea." replied Sowmya.

Sowmya had taken a weeks off for the abortion procedures. Her boss ofcourse barked this time also. She was in tears.She could not take it anymore. Thankfully her mother had come to help her but she did not want to continue with her work. Raj had also said he would think about these things and would let her know that evening.
She impatiently waited for Raj . He came home and Sowmya could see his face,he was tension free. She imagined herself throwing the papers on the boss's face and smiled. At night Sowmy affectionately sat next to him and said,"Looks like you have come to a conclusion."

"Yes dear,Don't worry darling... I have have decided to ...." he looked into her eyes and said.

"What....?" she asked. She could not believe her ears. Flashes of everday morning hit her head like waves and Sowmya was sobbing and was mad at him.

"What did you say?" she asked again.

"Don't worry Darling! I have decided to resign and take care of the kids. You continue your job since you earn an extra 1000 bucks."Raj replied.

Sowmya was stumped! "What an irony !",she thought.

Hope all of you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Priya Sakhi

Anyone would fall in love with such a beauty! I fathom myself, as "The Man" whom she also loves, and I would like to describe her, as "My Priya Sakhi."

My Priya Sakhi...
Today, I am elited
To see you sitting on the banks,
To see you searching for me,
To see you getting restless and
To see you waiting for me.
Let me describe you, in my own sweet words,
You are My Goddess, You are My love.

The darkness that envelopes the sky,
Is nothing but your long strands of hair,
The moon ,who boasts of her beauty,
Today, is in utter despair!

Oh my Dainty Darling!
When I see your little forehead,
Shining with a starry Bindi,
I am tempted to adorne it with Sindoor,
In the deep colour Red.

The dark black eyebrows,
and the battling eyelashes,
bringout your passionate eyes,
lashes me with love and passion,
And I have no choice of words,
To show my love and compassion.

Now that, I am almost here,
Your lovely golden cheeks,
blush into the colour of apples,
your lustrous lips, open into smile,
Remind me of tender pink rose petals.

I envy those lovely necklaces,
That dangle around your slender neck,
And the jewellery made of rubies and pearls,
Are lucky to be on your ears.
You look like an Heavenly Angel,
Born in the world the stars,
Two brave kings should see you now,
Hehe,they would be waging wars!

As I walk closer to you,I am captured by your womanhood,
You turn away from me, giving a subtle smile.
I choose to hold your lovely hands,
And very soon, I know, they are going to be mine.
As I try to hold you tight, very close to me,
The soft and cold wind blows,
I see your golden anklets,
I can hear them chime,
My Goddess , My love,My Priya Sakhi,
I am Waiting for you to be Mine!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Salute You Thee, My Motherland..

As a proud Indian,
Here I stand,
To Salute You Thee,
My Mother land.

For, You are the land
with Unity in Diversity
Guarded by the Majestic Himalayas,
and three deep blue seas.
Rich in Culture and Rich in Heritage
Multi-Religion, Multi-language
Mother, You are,
The embodiment of Peace and Prosperity.

Known for the Great Epics,
Kings and Warriors,
Who would fight for You,
Amidst all Barriers.
You are the blessed land
To give birth to many many National Heros,
like Gandhiji, Tilak and Subash Chandra Bose,
To brake the chains of colonialism
and spread the sweet scent of Freedom!

Mother, You are known as,
The land of Writers and Thinkers,
The land of Scientists and Hard- Woke rs.
The land of Winners and Great Sporters.
The land of Truth and Courage,
The land which spread the message of Peace.

Today, You Shine,
In the field of Agriculture,
In the field of Business.
In the field of Science,
In the field of Technology,
You are one among the first to the lead a war,
The war against Terrorism,
That has threatened us all.
As, a proud Indian,
Here I stand,
To Salute You Thee,
My Motherland.
Bharath Matha Ki Jai!

Today, as I write , I am happy and gay,
To Wish One and All
A Happy Republic Day!
The Day, When ,
WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, had solemnly resolved to constitute
India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation."

As a proud Indian ,
Here I stand,
To Salute You Thee!
My Motherland!

With Love and Respects to My Motherland,
I sign off for the day,

Enjoy this song