Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ape's Day Out!

Laloo the ape, was reading the book on"ORIGIN OF MAN". "Interesting! " he thought. As he read , he learned man evolved from apes and there were many stages of primitive man, - Australo Pethecus, Zinjanthropus, Pethecan Thropus Erectus, Neandrathal Man, Cro-Magnon Man,and Homo-Sapiens finally!

"Oh! My God! " Lallo gaped! Laloo was getting curious of how primitve man developed and has done so much in the world today. Thousands of inventions, discoveries, luxuries like cars, SUVs, palatial bunglows, Tall sky-scrapers, Theatres, Malls, umptous food ! and so much more...".I want to be a man!"

Laloo gaped..."Why not I live in a man's world today? After all he evolved from me!" All set for his tour to live in Man's World, he told his wife Jiloo that he would be back home the next morning...

Where shall I start with?? It's so confusing.... there are 7 continents, for me to visit, across 5 major oceans. Phew ! this is going to be hard!

Laloo decided to start with Europe... He sat on his "Jet Speed Jetta" that switched from one branch to another in real jet speed and was in Europe .To start with Italy, he was amazed of it's beauty! He stood in awe as he watched the tall churches, buildings carved beautifully and of course Nature was in full zest and she looked amazingly beautiful. He tried an Italian Pizza with all veggies and spicy sauses. His eyes were in tears!!! He missed Jiloo's blueberry cake and Banana Milk Shake!

Jet Speed Jetta landed next on USA. He learned that it was the Home of Technology and was the happening place. If early man rubbed two stones to make fire, people now typed "Google Search" and typed-"How to make fire" and received a thousand answers in a split of a second! Laloo laughed "Man forgot to think". He saw many good things here and at the same time horrible things. Child Abuse, Shooting,Racial discrimination sometimes, Wars, Good economy and Slumping Economy, driving technologists crazy...!hehe. He looked for houses here and found a lot! Liloo thought maybe Jiloo would like it here!

Next land was in Africa. Laloo was shocked! His children looked healthier than the children here. Malnutrition beacuse of food scarcity, little or no water. Laloo was bewildered to see the other side of the world. Why is that one part of the world is rich, while these countries of the world are still backward?? Laloo thought! He did not want to see the pathetic conditions there. He rushed. His heart was heavy. Laloo ate a Banana Muffin that Jiloo had packed! He shared a few with the children he saw. "Is man selfish?" was a question pondering his mind.

India was Laloo's next destination. One of the most ancient countries, which was rich in ancient times, today seems to be a cat on the wall! The urban life was very fun, but still she faced Hunger, Poverty, Diseases. The rich remained rich, the poor remained poor, the middle class suffered! Laloo could see a lot of stray dogs, cows eating papers, Rats running everywhere. Enivironmental conditions for animals to thrive, very poor.

Laloo went round the world. He enjoyed the journey. He saw both the sides of the coin- Man. Man developed very well. Money, Power, Luxury , were flourshing, but he noticed that Basic Human values, Love , Respect ,Trust and Faith in the world has very less value. Terrorism, War, Abuse, Hunger, Poverty were some of the devils ruling Mankind.He does not know his Needs and Neccesities! Man is now less kind to Animals. The air is polluted, water is polluted, very less land left for animals to thrive.

He felt blessed to be an Ape and he went back to his Ever Green Forest. He swang from branch to branch happily! He smelled fresh air ! The flowers spread beautiful scent! The trees gave him shelter, shade and fruits to eat! Jiloo had cooked his favourites, he ate and closed his eyes to have a deep sleep.

"It's hard to live a life of man," he thought. Suddenly he started laughing aloud and Jiloo asked him the reason why he laughed."Jiloo, I just thought how man would look if he had to swing from one branch to anotherfor everything! Just like us!""hahahahah" Jiloo joined to laugh!



(A repost of mine, from Sulekha)

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