Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neriedes- The Cosmic, Heavenly Beauty( A repost from Sulekha)

Nymphs were female mystical spirits who were responsible to craft the Natural World. Nereides, was the daughter of Nereus the Sea-God. The highest praise for a woman, would be comparing her to "Nereides." I have tried to combine Alliterations and Metaphors, and finally have tried to bring out the essence of Cosmic ,Heavenly Goddess Nereides! I have also included the names of Stars, Hindu Goddesses , to make the poem a delightful read!! Hope you all enjoy it!!!!!

Charming Cosmic Creation,
Magical, Mythical, Marvellous,
Floric, Fragile, and Feminine,
Graceful, Glorious, and Gorgeous,
Nereides- The Heavenly Beauty!!

Blissful, Bountiful and Benevolent,
Hopeful, Happy and Heavenly,
Jubilant, Joyous, and a Jolly Jewel,
Elegant, Enchanting and Endearing
Nereides- The Heavenly Beauty!!

Spiritual, Supernatural and Subtle,
Alluring, Attractive, and Angleic,
Delightful, Delicate, and Divine,
Ravishing, Radiating and Rare,
Nereides, The Heavenly Beauty!!!!

Ashwini, Arundhati , Anuradha,
Shravani, Swathi and Suha,
Vega, Vespera and Vishaka,
Ulloriaq, Utthara and Ubhadra,
Nereides, The Cosmic Goddess!!!

Shakti, Uma, and Usha,
Prithvi, Bhooma and Durga,
Parvati, Sita, and Ganga,
Padma, Surabhi and Indira
Nereides - The Heavenly Goddess!!!
Cosmos, Universe, and the Milky Way,
The Sun , The Moon and The Planets,
The Stars, The Comets and the Meteroites,
Sky, Air, Wind, Fire, and Water,
Nereides, The Cosmic Goddess!!!!

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